Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Snatch (2000)

Directed by: Guy Richie
Starring: Jason Statham, Brad Pitt, Vinnie Jones, Jason Flemyng, Dennis Farina

Synopsis: Snatch poses a very important question: Where is the stone? This is a caper about a diamond heist gone helter-skelter, the rough-and-tumble world of bare- knuckle boxing, an unpredictable Irish gypsy and a dog. Double-crossing, double-bluffing and double-dealing abound as various parties pursue personal agendas-all of them illegal, some of them farcical and most of them involving an 86-carat diamond. As plans go haywire and tempers fray, dogs, diamonds, mobile homes, boxers and assorted weaponry get swept up into a chaotic free-for-all. The question is - who will emerge with the stone?

Wait what??? These words will cross your minds during this film. Not only once, twice but atleast 5 times?? Well, case being. It gets a bit fonfusing at somepoint, but then they clear it all out and then it's cool again. The problem itself begins when all the characters come in motion. You wont remember them all, but slowly when they start dying, it's cool again. So.. what else? Starts with a nice little heist. Yews robbing the yewelry, cool. The the lid blows. One thing I enjoyed the most was, that you could never predict what happens next. I just love unpredictable movies. The ending itself is the best. And the cherry on top? It has a storyteller, yummy. Final verdict?? Thumbs up for Pitts great acting.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

X-Men Origins - Wolverine

X-Men Origins - Wolverine (2009)

Directed by: Gavin Hood
Starring: Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber, Danny Huston, Lynn Collins:

Synopsis: Wolverine lives a mutant life, seeks revenge against Victor Creed (who will later become Sabertooth) for the death of his girlfriend, and ultimately ends up going through the mutant Weapon X program.

Woohoo, the best X-Men movie in my opinion. Better then the first three, even though I enjoyed them also. Why I love this so much is because Wolverine is my second favourite superhero, after Batman of course. And Hugh Jackman, come on, you have to love that guy. So, let's talk about the movie, enough fanboy talk. Nice little introduction, shows - how, why and when. Story goes on nicely, you'll see betrayal, awesome fighting and stuff liek that. Lovely visuals. Only thing I didn't like was the ending. Everything was over, the only thing left to do was to erase his memory and the way they did it.. So f***ing lame, seriously. I wont give it away though. No hard feelings. Final Verdict?? Doesn't matter if you've seen the first three. Watch it.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can (2002)

Directed by: Steven Spielberg
Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, Christopher Walkin, Martin Sheen

Synopsis: Based on a true story, Frank W. Abagnale was employed as a doctor, a lawyer, and as a co-pilot for a major airline company-all before reaching his 21st birthday. A successful con artist and master of deception, Frank is also a brilliant forger, whose skill at check fraud has netted him millions of dollars in stolen funds--much to the chagrin of the authorities. FBI Agent Carl Hanratty has made it his prime mission to capture him and bring him to justice, however Frank is always one step ahead of Carl, baiting him to continue the chase.

A few posts back I stated that Mr. Ripley resembles Catch me, but now, when I've watched them both thoroughly and the statement is.... (suspensful drum music) NO, no f***ing way. Ripley was serious and dark, while Catch Me was playful and fun. DiCaprio and Hanks both do their parts well. So... It starts with 2-3 openings, in my opinion. Then the story developes nicely and it's really entertaining. The ending was a 50/50 gamble. It seems that it ends, but then it goes on for atleast 10 minutes. What's up with that? So it finishes in a completely different direction then intended. Needed a happy Hollywood ending. A small letdown. Final Verdict?? Yeah! Nothing else needed!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pitch Black

Pitch Black (2000)

Directed by: David Twohy
Starring: Vin Diesel, Radha Mitchell, Cole Hauser, Keith david

Synopsis: In the not-too-distant future, a docking pilot makes a forced crash-landing of her spacecraft on a distant planet. Her crew is killed, even as some of the passengers escape. A lawman is unharmed but so is his prisoner, a convicted murderer. As the survivors explore the uncomfortably hot planet, they must band together. The planet is eerie, arid, and lifeless. but as the sun sets and the planet plunges into total darkness, other inhabitants emerge.

Taadaa.. The first movie from the Chronicles Of Riddick. And if I remember correctly, the better one? I don't remember, I will do a review on it, in the next few days. So, let's begin. It starts off pretty okay I guess. Two bad accidents and s***, your in trouble. Flying f***ers on your tail. Riddick does his thing and they all get saved, almost. About the ending, well.. It's kinda predictable, but not so much also. I'm not sure if the director also knew how to end it. I don't know. It's yours to decide. There's not so much to say about this movie. Great special effects, nice scenery and yeah, Diesel was good too, not much talking, but that suits him, makes him look smarter. Final Verdict??? Not sure if should.. But when it's on TV, then why the hell not.
What do you put in your car? Diesel! :D
The Chronicles Of Riddick (2004) is coming soon.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


300 (2007)

Directed by: Zack Snyder
Starring: Gerard Butler, Lena Headey, Dominic West, David Wenham

Synopsis: In the midst of the Persian-Greco war, Spartan King Leonidas leads his army of 300 soldiers into battle against the invading Persian army during the Battle of Thermopylae. According to legend, their valor and sacrifice inspired all of Greece to unite against the Persian foe, leading to the origins of democracy.

This is madness!

Oh yeah, I'm going to talk about the epicness of 300. Starts with a introduction to tell the story of Leonidas. One of my fav things in movies, a storyteller. Then it's smooth sailing. Story goes on with wicked action scenes, slomotion fight sequences, witty and humorous one-liners. It's easy and overhelming. I also love the old-school visuals. It really suits the olden times. The downside might only be the gayness of the Spartan mens clothes. And the weirdness of Xerxes and his legions piercings, leather fetish and other misfigures. It really makes you wonder if 3000 years ago they all were so gay. Final verdict?? Yeah, sure, see it if you allready haven't. You'll also understand 300 jokes. (see what I did there)(lame).

Good Will Hunting

Good Will Hunting (1997)

Directed by: Gus Van Sant
Starring: Matt Damon, Robin Williams, Ben Affleck, Minnie Driver

Synopsis: Will Hunting, a janitor at MIT, has a gift for mathematics which is discovered, and a psychologist tries to help him with his gift and the rest of his life.

An allstar cast with a script written by Affleck and Damon. You'd expect wonders, right? Well your spot on. This is an incredible story, which is perfectly acted out by Damon. He's becoming my favourite actor, film by film. Maybe at first it may be familiar to "A Beautiful Mind" because it's a story about a troubled genius, but it's nowhere near it. I'm not sure what to say about it. I don't want to spoil or ruin anything... Well, it has great dialogues, that will blow your mind. Great laughs, I literally "Stop, Drop and Rofl!" Final verdict?? Just see this f***ing film. God....


Twilight (2008)

Directed by: Catherine Hardwicke
Starring: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Billy Burke, Peter Facinelli

Synopsis: A teenage girl risks everything when she falls in love with a vampire.

Why the f*** not... I know I'm digging my own grave by reviewing this, but yeah, why not. I have to say that I like this movie actually or atleast I like the story. (Don't tell me to read the book, beacause I don't have the time for that) Also, Kirsten Stewart looks hot. You have to admit that, she looks good. And Pattinson? Well.. he doesn't have to do anything. (and he pretty much doesn't) I'm not really sure what else to say about it. Watch the first movie (the other ones (new moon and eclipse) they s*** b***s) or read the books (they were supposed to be good). Final Verdict?? It's good for a romance movie, but if you want vampires, then your way-way off.

Friday, September 10, 2010

A Fish Called Wanda

A Fish Called Wanda (1988)

Directed by: John Cleese, Charles Chrichton
Starring: John Cleese, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Kline, Michael Palin

Synopsis: In London, four very different people team upto commit armed robbery, then try to doublecross each other for the loot.

Dude, I'm so tired. It's not healthy to sleep about 15 hours in 5 days and then stay up late and watch a movie. So, let's get down to business. It starts off with a little chat, you see the people and then they commit the robbery. Then the entire movie they do idiotic/smart things. That's the best way to summit up i guess. To be honest, I didn't find this movie that funny. Yes, I liked Kline (got an oscar for this roll) but at the same time, it was kinda dumb. The ending is okay, I guess. Had a little fun and it ended good for the lovable characters and not so well for everybody else? The Prime Minister in South America, not so bad really. Final verdict?? I think that I liked the movie, but I'm not quite sure. Should you see it? Why not.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Serbian Film (Srpski film)

A Serbian Film (Srpski film) (2010)

Directed by: Srdjan Spasojevic
Starring: Srdjan Todorovic, Sergej Trifunovic, Jelena Gavrilovic, Katarina Zutic

Synopsis: Milos is a former porn star who is down on his luck financially. When he receives a call from his long-time movie actress partner, Layla, he welcomes her call. Apparently she's heard that a new film director wants to hire Milos to star in his "artistically-designed" porn film for a very generous price. He is easily lured form his semi-retirement by the lucrative offer, agreeing to meet the director in an isolated mansion. As the filming progresses, Milo begins to suspect that the director's intentions may be darker than mere pornography. As the film begins to devolve into a horrifically violent production, Milos finds escape may not be an option.

Holy F***ing s***!! I don't know what to say. I can't even tell if I liked this movie or not. I'll try to tell you about it, but not so roughly. So, it starts with a introduction of some sort, telling who's who and what's what. When the story progresses you will start to feel uneasy. For the faint hearted, this is about time for you to stop watching. It gets a bit obscene even for me and that is deffinitely something. If the middle part doesn't freak you out, then I guarantee that the ending will. It's just so f***ed up in so many ways. What makes it even more disdurbing is that they show full nudity (kinda OK with the hot females in the movie) and hardcore gore. And when I mean hardcore, then I mean really hardcore s***. Final Verdict?? A decent movie I guess. WATCH IT, IF YOU DARE!!!