Friday, September 24, 2010

Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can (2002)

Directed by: Steven Spielberg
Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, Christopher Walkin, Martin Sheen

Synopsis: Based on a true story, Frank W. Abagnale was employed as a doctor, a lawyer, and as a co-pilot for a major airline company-all before reaching his 21st birthday. A successful con artist and master of deception, Frank is also a brilliant forger, whose skill at check fraud has netted him millions of dollars in stolen funds--much to the chagrin of the authorities. FBI Agent Carl Hanratty has made it his prime mission to capture him and bring him to justice, however Frank is always one step ahead of Carl, baiting him to continue the chase.

A few posts back I stated that Mr. Ripley resembles Catch me, but now, when I've watched them both thoroughly and the statement is.... (suspensful drum music) NO, no f***ing way. Ripley was serious and dark, while Catch Me was playful and fun. DiCaprio and Hanks both do their parts well. So... It starts with 2-3 openings, in my opinion. Then the story developes nicely and it's really entertaining. The ending was a 50/50 gamble. It seems that it ends, but then it goes on for atleast 10 minutes. What's up with that? So it finishes in a completely different direction then intended. Needed a happy Hollywood ending. A small letdown. Final Verdict?? Yeah! Nothing else needed!


  1. have never seen this film ande evenso I dont wont it in the future

  2. This is a pretty good movie, leo's a great actor as well

  3. "do you concur?"

    Very good movie :) great review

    Check out my lastest post on the lastest CPR technique.

  4. Good movie, nice review too, never really gave the ending too much thought til now.

  5. Great flick, good review. Makes me want to watch it again!

  6. I think this is definitely one of Leo's more overlooked movies, but it's a personal favorite of mine. I actually prefer him in this over his role in The Departed, but I acknowledge that I'm in the extreme minority here. I think I just enjoy the journey more.