Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Bourne Identity

The Bourne Identity (2002)

Directed by: Doug Liman
Starring: Matt Damon, Franka Potente, Clive Owen, Chris Cooper

Synopsis: The spy thriller opens as an amnesiac is rescued at sea by the crew of an Italian fishing boat. Nearly dead, he carries nothing but the bullets in his back and the bank account number embedded in his hip. Although completely without identity or background, he possesses an array of extraordinary talents in fighting, linguistics and self-defense that speaks of a dangerous past. In the present he is disoriented and wary as he is propelled into an urgent search to discover who he is and why his life has taken a perilous turn. A Zurich safe deposit box yields an assortment of passports, a hefty load of cash, an automatic weapon and a name--Jason Bourne--with a Paris address. What it means remains a mystery, but Bourne quickly realizes that although he knows no one, there are people who recognize him--and do not wish him well. When he meets Marie Kreutz, a hard-luck German-born wanderer, he makes a desperate pitch--$10,000 for a ride to Paris. Despite her reservations, Marie takes the cash and begins a journey with Bourne that changes her life forever. The trail of Jason Bourne's past snakes from Europe to CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, where Treadstone, a clandestine operation is based. As Bourne and Marie struggle to stay below the radar in France, all of the stealthy muscle of Treadstone is focused on tracking them and neutralizing Bourne as quickly and efficiently as possible.

A rather long and thorough synopsis this time. Why not, less for me to right I guess. So, this is the first movie, from the Bourne trilogy. (I will do the other two also as fast as possible) Where to start? I've seen it a couple of times bout now and it still amuses me. It has good action and fighting scenes, the plot is good and story it self delevopes pretty nicely. The ending is this usual good ending, beacuase I don't think, they were going to make two sequals. They wraped it up pretty nicely. I adored the music, it was perfect and enjoyable. Final Verdict?? Sure, watch it. James Bond in amnesia a bit, but rather entertaining.

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