Monday, August 23, 2010

Mad Max

So.. it's currently 4:30 Am in the morning and I just finished with Mad Max.

Mad Max. (1979)

Directed by: George Miller
Starring: Mel Gibson, Joanne Samuel, Hugh Keays-Byrne, Steve Bisley

Synopsis: In a dystopic future Australia, a vicious biker gang murder a cop's family and make his fight with them personal.

So where to start off.. It was like, at first they couldn't get it going, but in the end, they couldn't get it to stop, maybe?? Well, at first glance i didn't think much about it. Some points were hard to understand, bla bla bla. Then when the wife met with the biker gang, it got interesting. I was hoping that it wont end up like a tratidional story. Cops family gets killed, cop gets pissed, cop kills bad guys, the end. It kinda goes there, but in the same time not really. The ending was great. And talk about car chases. That was just awesome. The
choreography was breath talking. What is also noticable, is that it was Mel Gibsons first roll and it was a hit. He didn't say much, but it was enough. Also rather refreshing to see a young Gibson. Mmmm.... Final Verdict? A must watch i guess. It's Also in 1001 movies and all, but yeah. If I'm going to watch it again sometimes, then I'm gona skip about the first 30 minutes.. But just maybe. WATCH IT!!!!

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